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Metallic Spray Paint

Physical & Chemical Properties of Metallic Spray Paint




Resin Type

Nitro-Acrylic resin.

Pigment Type

Varies with color


Film flat and smooth, no mechanical impurities, accord with the confirmed sample.

Eye test

Drying condition

Touch dry ≤15 minutes,

finger press dry ≤ 1 hours

Under the temperature of 20℃

Recommended Thickness


Volume Solid


Specific Gravity


Circle Testing



Circle Testing



Dry after 48 hours

(Room Temperature)


Gloss ≥80; Matt accord with the confirmed sample

60℃ gloss level, relative moisture ≤ 75%



Spraying rate


Practical Coverage at Recommended

DFT (assumes 15% material loss)

0.5-1 m2


Dry Heat Resistance

200°F (93°C)

Flash Point

156°F (69°C)

Shelf Life

Three Years

Packaging Specifications of Metallic Spray Paint



Net weight





400ml/can, 12pcs/ctn

Benefits of Metallic Spray Paint

Metallic Color Effect

Flash Blue metallic spray paint and Flash Red metallic spray paint, such as these Metallic colors are clear and gorgeous, and good reflective effect.

Strong and Durable

The metallic acrylic spray paint is durable, corrosion-resistant, high build, strong hiding power, fast drying.

Convenient to Use

The metallic clear coat spray paint is easy to operate and items can be dyed Metallic Color quickly.

Customized Metal Spray Paint Colors

Our tailored solutions offer unmatched precision in color matching, such as flash blue metallic spray paint, flash gold metallic spray paint and flash red metallic spray paint, ensuring your products stand out in the competitive market. Ideal for manufacturers and industrial designers, our high-quality paint provides durable, vibrant finishes on all metal surfaces, enhancing both aesthetics and longevity. Partner with us to achieve the perfect color that reflects your brand’s identity and meets your specific requirements. As one of the leading metallic spray paint suppliers, contact us to explore our customized color solutions.


Automotive Metallic Spray Paint

In the competitive automotive industry, the finish of your vehicles speaks volumes about your brand’s quality and attention to detail. Our car metallic spray paint is engineered for businesses looking to distinguish their products with superior aesthetics and durability. Formulated with advanced technology, our metallic auto spray paint ensures a flawless metallic finish that not only enhances the vehicle’s appearance but also provides long-lasting protection against the elements. Our metallic spray paint for cars offers easy application, rapid drying times, and exceptional coverage. As one of the leading metallic spray paint suppliers, partner with us to give your vehicles a finish that sets them apart in the marketplace. Contact us today to explore our range of spray paint types tailored for automotive excellence.

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