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Caliper Spray Paint

Physical & Chemical Properties of Caliper Spray Paint



Paint film color and appearance

Film flat and smooth, no mechanical impurities, accord with the confirmed sample.

Surface dry 20℃/h

≤ 0.5

Finger press dry (Bake at 200℃/h) /h

≤ 2


≤3 mm

Impact resistance

≥ 35 cm



Water resistance

(immersed in distilled water for 24 hours, taken out and placed for observation after 2 hours)

The appearance of the paint film remains unchanged

Gasoline resistance (immersed in RH-75 gasoline for 24 hours)

the paint film does not foam or soften

Heat resistance [(600±20)℃, after 6h baking]

the paint film is intact, basically not discolouring, in line with the standard model

Spraying rate


Shelf Life

Three Years

Packaging Specifications of Caliper Spray Paint



Net weight





450ml/can, 12pcs/ctn

Benefits of Caliper Spray Paint

White Primer Paint

Primer can cover the original color metallic silver color of caliper

High temperature resistance

High heat caliper spray paint can withstand the high temperatures of calipers can withstand the high temperatures of calipers

Easy to use

Brake caliper spray paint is easy to apply color and evenly

Customized Caliper Spray Paint Colors

Elevate your automotive service offerings with our Customized Caliper Spray Paint Colors. Tailored to meet the unique preferences of your clientele, our high-quality, durable paint ensures a standout finish and lasting protection. Our spray paint types are ideal for repair shops and car customization specialists, our brake caliper paint aerosol allows you to deliver personalized, vibrant results that set your services apart. Enhance your business with our customizable solutions and drive customer satisfaction through exceptional aesthetic upgrades. Here we list some of our best-selling custom colors for you:

Blue Brake Caliper Spray Paint

Green Caliper Spray Paint

Pink Caliper Spray Paint

Red Caliper Spray Paint

Yellow Caliper Spray Paint


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