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Car Spray Paint

Physical & Chemical Properties of Car Spray Paint




Resin Type

Nitro-Acrylic resin.

Pigment Type

Varies with color


Film flat and smooth, no mechanical impurities, accord with the confirmed sample.

Eye test

Drying condition

Touch dry ≤15 minutes,

finger press dry ≤ 1 hours

Under the temperature of 20℃

Recommended Thickness


Volume Solid


Specific Gravity


Circle Testing



Circle Testing



Dry after 48 hours

(Room Temperature)


Gloss ≥80; Matt accord with the confirmed sample

60℃ gloss level, relative moisture ≤ 75%



Spraying rate


Practical Coverage at Recommended

DFT (assumes 15% material loss)

0.5-1 m2


Dry Heat Resistance

200°F (93°C)

Flash Point

156°F (69°C)

Shelf Life

Three Years

Packaging Specifications of Car Spray Paint



Net weight




283g (10 oz)

450ml/can, 12pcs/ctn

Benefits of Car Spray Paint

Brilliant metallic finish

Car metallic spray paint for cars has a better protection function

Extremely durable

High build, strong hiding power, fast drying

Easy to use

Canned auto spray paint is easy to carry and use

Removing Paint Spray From Car

Ensure your vehicles maintain their pristine condition with our specialized solution for removing paint spray from cars. Designed for automotive professionals, our auto spray paint effortlessly cleans away unwanted paint, restoring the vehicle’s original finish without damaging the underlying surface. Ideal for auto body shops, dealerships, and detailing services, our professional spray paint for cars offers a quick, efficient, and safe method to tackle paint overspray, ensuring your fleet or customer vehicles look their best. As one of the leading car care products manufacturers, trust our solution to enhance your service quality and customer satisfaction.

Customized Color Match Spray Paint Automotive

Elevate your automotive refinishing services with our customized color match spray paint. Tailored specifically for the automotive industry, our custom car spray paint ensures an exact match to any vehicle’s original color, providing a seamless and professional finish. Ideal for auto body shops, dealerships, and restoration specialists, our clear coat spray paint for cars combines high-quality coverage with fast drying times. Enhance your service offerings and exceed customer expectations with our precision-matched spray paint types, designed to make every repair job indistinguishable from the factory finish. Here we list some of our best-selling custom colors for you:

Black Car Spray Paint

White Car Spray Paint

Silver Spray Paint for Car

Blue Car Spray Paint

Purple Automotive Spray Paint


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